Secret to aging in place – Reverse Mortgage

Turn your equity into cash

A reverse mortgage allows you to turn the equity of your home into cash.

Money when you need it

Receive your money the way that works best for you. One-time lump sum or monthly payments.

Tax-free source of income

Increase your income without impacting your Old-Age Security (OAS) or Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Aging in place with a reverse mortgageCan you afford to stay in your home, or should you go to a long-term care facility?

“Aging in Place” is the new way to go.

While we start out very active in our household regular routines as we age some of the tasks become more difficult to handle. But thanks to automation and technology many tasks can now be handled by “Google” “Siri” “Alexa” either pre-automated to turn off lights etc. or just by making a request for lights to go on or off (No more clapping needed!) Your home can be secured and when a doorbell rings you can see who is there. Calling a Digital expert can streamline and automate a lot of your daily needs as you enjoy aging in place.

Minor renovations can make your home safer and easier to navigate for aging in place – be it a ramp, renovation of the kitchen to make everything more accessible or adding grab bars in your shower or bath.

When you compare the cost of living in a long-term care facility to staying in your memory-filled home many renovations can be done at the cost of 9-12 months expenses in a long-term facility and the renos would enable you to stay safe and comfortable in your home for years to come.

And a Reverse Mortgage In Canada could be the answer to having the funds to do those renovations. Since you have lived through all those tech changes, why not take advantage of the ones that can keep you in your home longer as you enjoy aging in place?

There is a lot of misconception about Reverse Mortgages In Canada so I always suggest doing your own due diligence rather than listening to the local expert that knows nothing about Reverse Mortgages In Canada.


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Neil “Mortgage-Man” McJannet

Neil was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and as a result, is hardy in nature and does not give up until a deal is done. After graduating from Dakota Collegiate in Winnipeg in the mid 60’s he went to work at the TD Bank where he spent 28 years, with the last 10 years in their mortgage department in Toronto.